Creating Safety Programs for Workers at Tata Steel

Together with Tata Steel, DuPont helped to establish new safety programs for contract workers on job sites.

Jun 3, 2011

To help support their families, many women in India have taken jobs with Tata Steel. Traditionally, women in India wear saris — a practice that, on some job sites, was followed even while operating machinery. Tata Steel was interested in developing safety programs that would specifically address the needs of their women employees. The documentary features a single mother who enjoyed her work, but wanted the reassurance that she was part of a safe workplace culture.

DuPont worked with Tata Steel on industrial workplace safety to bring about an improvement in safety culture, educating employees and contractors on the best occupational safety practices, while remaining aware of the sensitivities of the Indian culture.

The program successfully addressed the benefits of a uniformed workplace, and communicated that its first priority was to create safety programs to ensure workers could do their jobs safely. The results were positive.

Tata Steel